99% purity trestolone acetate(MENT) CAS6157-87-5 Strongest Medicine Prohormone raw Anabolic Steroids for Bodybuilding

Product details:
Name: Trestolone acetate
Model NO.:3764-87-2
CAS No .:6157-87-5
Suitable for:Adult
Trestolone Acetate Mf:C21h30o3
Delivery Time: Within 2days After Receiving Your Payment
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Product Details

99% purity trestolone acetate(MENT) cas6157-87-5 Strongest Medicine Prohormone raw Anabolic Steroids for Bodybuilding

Product details:

Name:Trestolone Acetate

CAS No.: 6157-87-5

Customized: Customized

Suitable for: Adult

Purity: >99%

Trestolone Acetate Mf: C21h30o3

Delivery Time: Within 2days After Receiving Your Payment

Transport Package: According to Every Customer′s Requirements

CAS: 6157-87-5

MW: 330.47

Appearance: White fine powder

MOQ(Min order quantity):10grams.


Inspection: Qualified
Flash Point: 194.228 ℃

Density: 1.117 g/cm3

Usage: Pharmaceutical raw materials, bodybuilding and sex enhancement

 Product description:

Chemically speaking, trestolone acetate(MENT) actually an alright looking drug. It doesn't show much interaction with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which means that a good portion ought to stay unbound and active in the blood. Also, the drug is a potent binder to the androgen receptor, while showing minimal affinity for the progesterone and mineralocorticoid receptors respectively. Since it is not able to be 5a-reduced into a dihydro-version, it likely wouldn't cause many of the side effects commonly associated with Dihydrotestosterone. This is also a likely reason that it is less apt to cause prostate enlargement, and may even be indicated for the treatment of specific prostate issues.
The ability of 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone acetate (MENT) to increase the weights of ventral prostate and seminal vesicles of castrated rats was four times higher than that of testosterone, while its effect on the weights of bulbocavernosus plus levator ani muscles (muscle), was 10 times that of testosterone.
Various forms of MENT in human pharmaceutical preparations and devices for contraception and hormone therapy, specifically MENT Ac implant and MENT transdermal gel and patch formulations, are currently under clinical investigation. MENT is absorbed transdermally up to three times the rate of testosterone - 17 methyl testosterone and 17-α methyl testosterone.


The test of our products specifications:


Product name

Trestolone Acetate


White crystalline powder

Chromatographic purity

Any individual impurity not more than 1.0%
Total impurities not more than 2.0%


Loss on drying

Not more than 0.5%


Residue on ignition

Not more than 0.2%


Residual solvents

Methylene Chloride≤600ppm

Not detect out
Not detect out
Not detect out


Between 97.0% and 102.0%



90% not more than 10 microns

90% not more than 10  aicrons

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1. Quality: all products are produced under GMP, purity more than 99%.
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5. Safe shipping: bubble+aluminum bag+carton
6. Payment methods: Money gram, western union,T/T advance or bank transfer payment.

 Package & Storage

1. 25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag, 1~20kg by aluminum foil vacuum bag.

2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat. 

3. Shelf life: Three  years under well storage situation.


Contact information

Enterprise mailbox:sales@rongxinbio.com



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