Boldenone Cypionate Wholesale raw powders Pharmaceutical Steroids Injectable CAS106505-90-2 for Anti Aging & Gaining Cutting Cycle Raw Hormone

Name:Boldenone Cypionate Anabolic steroid powder
CAS No:106505-90-2
Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: White or off-white crystalline powder.
Delivery Date: Within 2days After Payment Confirmed.
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Product Details

Boldenone Cypionate Wholesale raw powders  Pharmaceutical Steroids Injectable Cas106505-90-2 for Anti Aging & Gaining Cutting Cycle Raw Hormone

Product details

Main product information:

Name:Boldenone Cypionate Anabolic steroid powder
CAS No: 106505-90-2
MF: C26H38O3
MW: 398.58
Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: White or off-white crystalline powder.

Delivery Date: Within 2days After Payment Confirmed.

Delivery Methods: Express Courier(Fast and Safe)

Transport Package: Foil Bag. (Discreet and Disguised Packing)

Origin: China

MOQ(Min order quantity):10grams.

Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade

Package:In foil bag or drum.


Usage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

boldenone cypionate

Product description

Boldenone Cypionate will increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increases appetito and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys.


Anabolic steroid. It is one of the most popular used in veterinary steroids, used in veterinary medicine. Male hormone level is very high, the synthetic effect is also very strong. Bao Dan ketone can be effective, stable and sustainable growth muscle and strength, better if with other drugs, is the most popular used in veterinary the easiest way to keep the muscle after the "cycle" one of the steroid (and other group of drug, etc. ). In addition, the natural conditions in the human body can produce trace amounts of Boldenone.

The test results of Boldenone Cypionate 

Product name

Boldenone Cypionate

Water Content



Specific Rotation



Residue on Ignition







off-yellow thickness liquid



Almost insoluble in water, soluble in vegetable oil


Specific optical rotation






Heavy Metals


< 10PPm




Related substances


< 3.0%

Free Acid



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Deep knee pain, can't help but pay attention! Usually the problem of knee pain comes from the hips without strength.

The daily posture is incorrect, resulting in a bright yellow light on the tendon ligament of the joint

The joints of the human body from the foot to the head are interlocked. If the ankles are skewed when walking, the knees and the pelvis are not likely to be in the correct neutral position; the long-term hunchback, the lower pelvis will also smash. In daily life, due to the limited range of motion activities, the symptoms of wear and inflammation are not obvious, but the movements of the movement are large, and the incorrect posture causes compensation for other parts. It is easy to make the joint injury symptoms caused by the unbalanced position prominent.

Sedentary lack of exercise, muscle weakness causes movement imbalance

Every joint of the human body is controlled by a lot of muscles. The knee joint is even more. When any muscle strength in your leg is degraded, it may cause the knee joint to have an incorrect angle of motion and cause joint ligament problems.

Exercise and increase muscle mass, allowing muscles to share the support burden of joint bones; more resistance training can increase bone density, increase joint strength, and avoid the incidence of osteoporosis and joint deterioration after menopause. If you have seen a doctor, you can confirm that there is no problem with your joints, but what about your knee pain when practicing squats?

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